I Like Local

Tourism is Indonesia's second largest foreign exchange contributor in 2018. However, it has become problematic, as it is bearing the risk that often harms the environment.

This project highlights two families in Yogyakarta & Bali that are working towards what UNWTO called as sustainable tourism

According to UNWTO, there are three guiding principles to sustainable tourism: First, environmentally friendly practices from minimising the use of plastic. Second, protecting natural and cultural heritage. Third, supporting local communities by employing local staff, buying local products, and engaging in charity work. 

In the heart of Bantul regency, Handani’s family embrace foreigners with open arms. They’re doing tourism business at the heart of their own home. They turned their backyard into a complex of home stay made of bamboo and recycled materials. Besides promoting a living with local experience, they also educate their guests on minimum waste practices.

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