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Towada Arts Project

As published on DestinAsian Indonesia
Art & Design Issue
Editor: Cristian Rahadiansyah

Being called the world’s senior citizen, the Japanese are among the longest-living people on earth. In the northern part of Japan, a city called Towada in Aomori prefecture was not only facing a declining birth rate but also a mass exodus problem.

Overseeing this problem, the city that was a military horse’s basecamp back in the day launched ArtsTowada, with one of their most ambitious projects called Towada Art Center. The facility hosts over twenty artworks by commissioning internationally and Japanese-renowned artists like Yayoi Kusama and Ron Mueck.

By incorporating art and design in public spaces and facilities, they strive to revive the city's livelihood.

When we thought the odds of finding tourists were slim, we accidentally met two old couples running an Indonesian restaurant called Garuda.

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